When visiting the beautiful Thai island of Phuket you will soon discover that it offers an amazing wide range of activities, pastimes and incredible sights to satisfy the most experienced of travellers. Phuket Adventures World is one of the leading tour companies in Phuket having being established in 1995, and has carried over 2 million satisfied guests to the national park areas of Phi Phi and James Bond islands. The company prides itself on its modern fleet of speed boats and hydrofoils, plus the wealth of experience of its bilingual staff.

These world famous islands, just about 45 minutes away from the exclusive luxury pier of Phuket Adventures World, and are a must to visit. On approaching your destinations you will be fascinated by the many uninhabited limestone islands jutting out of the blue sea like lonely guardians of the deep.
For a true adventure with the leading tour company of Phuket, who promises a personal service from your hotel with exclusive access to their own pier, boats, restaurants and in some cases islands, then Phuket Adventures World is ready and waiting to provide you with memories and experiences of a lifetime.

Many legendary films have been made here, most well known are the Leonardo Di Caprio movie “The Beach’ and the James Bond epic, “The Man with the Golden Gun. Some of the islands that Phuket Adventures World visit are an absolute joy for beach lovers, with white inviting sand leading down to crystal clear turquoise water, which is home to some of the areas exotic tropical fish, which you can fully experience by snorkelling amongs them. Good food and drink is important, and you will not be disappointed by the selected stops of the day.